About Us

In early 2020, Lexi wanted to make a felt bunny, but couldn't find a pattern she liked.  She came up with the sitting bunny pattern and started stitching. 60 bunnies later, a business was born.  

From bunnies she branched out to dragons, unicorns and Pegasi. She then discovered linocut printmaking, which spawned a whole new branch of creating.

Many Lino print designs have inspired felt creations, such as the Dream Hare print. That  print design became a felt sculpture of a hare leaping through a moon.

A lifelong seamstress, adding fabric block printing to the mix was a no-brainer.  Lexi began printing her designs on fabric and then sewing pillows, table runners, zipper bags and more.

As our business expands, we are adding more and more quality crafting supplies for those who love to make things as much as we do.

While never short on ideas, we always love working with customers who have their own vision. If you love a design but would prefer a different size or color, or have an idea of your own you would like to see come to life, please contact us and let us know!


The bunny that started it all